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The Bio-Well GDV Camera

The Bio-Well is cutting edge technology, which measures the distribution of energy, and the overall energetic state of a person. Using Gas Discharge Visualization, it produces the well known “Kirlian” effect to give a readout of said energy around a person. It produces an accurate representation of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of a person. This therefore makes it possible to tangibly show others where energetic imbalances exist, and how to best respond to them.


Bio-Well has been developed by an international team led by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov who has made this revolutionary, powerful technology accessible to the public.


Integrating Bio-Well into our sessions together

Taking Bio-Well scans before and after sessions with me will allow you to see real time results of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of being. You will be able to see how sound healing and other intuitive sessions influence and shift these energies as your body facilitates a self-healing process. 


We will also be able to pinpoint more consistent blockages in your biofield, your organs and your meridian pathways in order to discover and create a pathway to healing for you.

The best work and results come with subsequent sessions, where we will be able to take all of this information and observe your long-term wellness progress and establish goals and routines for your well-being.


Connection to Spirit & Science

I work closely with Spirit, and whether it is in my day-to-day, or in working with my clients, I seek to enter into a deeper state of being so that I may channel the Akasha and the energy of Spirit.


Ultimately, I seek to blend the worlds of metaphysics and science together to provide you, my client, with an incredibly transformative experience, and a pathway to profound discovery. The Bio-Well not only proves our connection with something much bigger than ourselves, but it is a tool that helps us to understand that connection, and the connection with our energy bodies.

You are on a mission of your own, and if you were brought to me, then our paths were meant to cross, our souls were meant to connect -  it is no coincidence.


How does the Bio-Well (session) work?

1. Placing one finger at a time in the Bio-Well device, each finger will be scanned using GDV technology (“Kirlian” effect photography). It essentially measures the energy emissions of each finger, which is tied to various organs and body systems, as explained in the ancient systems of Chinese medicine and meridians.

2. The Bio-Well takes a picture, or a snapshot, of your energy emissions, and the positive and negative energy flows of the body through each finger. It then pieces together all pictures and information taken to formulate a visual and written report.

3. This information can then be used to take proactive steps regarding your health and wellness on all levels of your being. Combining the science of Bio-Well technology, and the energy work I offer, you will make profound discoveries about yourself.

What you get out of a Bio-Well Session

Bio-Well Offerings

All offerings include a full report and a specially curated audio file, both of which will be e-mailed to you.



Bio-Well Scan

$75 ($55 returning)


Bio-Well Scan with Sound Healing

$170 / 90 minutes


Bio-Well Scan

Gain an understanding of your body, its energetic pathways, your state of wellness and stress, your chakras, biorhythms and so much more - all with a Bio-Well scan!


Bio-Well Scan with
Sound Healing

Experience the incredible power of sound and vibration, and allow your body to facilitate an extraordinary self-healing process! By integrating the Bio-Well into the session, you can also observe real-time results!

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