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Services are listed below; If you wish to book a service then click “Book a Reading” in the menu.

For Bio-Well Services, please see the “Bio-Well” tab in the menu.


Your Soul Journey: Mini-Reading

Unveil the path your soul yearns to follow and gain a profound understanding of your inner being! Together, and with guidance from your higher self, we will delve into an intuitive reading that combines the incredible synergetic language of Astrology & Tarot. This reading will empower you to address personal challenges, find solace through affirmations, and receive profound messages from your higher self. You will receive a recording of your reading. Cost: $111 CAD Each session is approximately 60 minutes.


Your Soul Journey: Full Reading

Welcome to your transformative journey of self-discovery and healing. This is a more comprehensive and involved version of the “Your Soul Journey: Mini-Reading” as we deep dive into several modalities of divination, including Astrology, Tarot, & Mediumship. You will also have the opportunity to ask more specific questions pertaining to your reading. Having more time to spend with you, we take a much closer look at your Astrology charts, diving deeper into the key aspects of your life, how they are affecting your present life and what that could mean for the year ahead . Attuning more deeply to your energies, Spirit may also come forward with profound messages, either from your higher self or from loved ones that have crossed over. With this offering, you will also receive both a digitized and hard copy of your astrology chart(s) with accompanying report, session notes, and recording of your reading. ​Please note: This offering can only be provided in-person, and only once every 6 months. ​Cost: $210 CAD Each session is approximately 2 hours.


Sound Healing Journey

Experience the combined healing power and insights that Astrology, Sound, and Spirit can provide. I work on helping you to release energetic and physical blockages, traumas, and relieve discomfort and pain. Sound and vibration can help you to heal on all levels of your being. Sound therapy is proven to calm your autonomic nervous system, which in turn, allows your body to facilitate an incredible self-healing process! It can help to alleviate pain, provide emotional release, and brings you to a state of heart-to-brain coherence. Spiritually, we can find and clear blockages that remain stuck in your biofield which will help you to discover and unveil new, powerful truths about yourself. Embark on this journey to fulfill yourself on all levels of your being, allowing Spirit and ancient wisdom to illuminate your path forward. Prior to each session, I will need your date, time and location of birth for your Astrology Chart. If you do not have an accurate time of birth, then I highly recommend you receive a chart rectification, or we go by date and location of birth without the exact time.​ ​Each session has 3 phases: ​ ​1. Pre-session assessment 2. Guided Meditation & Sound Healing 3. Post-session assessment & follow-up ​I highly recommend multiple sessions for this service. The multi-session package differs from a single session because consistency with sound healing has more impactful, lasting results. I can also provide you with beneficial resources, interactive exercises and follow-ups between sessions as well. It is a much more complete and thorough process. ​Single Session: Cost: $100 CAD Each session is approximately 60 minutes. 3-Session Package: Cost: $279 CAD Each session is approximately 60 minutes. (Once per week for three weeks of a month) Please be aware of the contraindications before booking a sound healing session.


Reconnect: Spirit Sitting

Connect & receive messages from loved ones who have crossed over. This presents an opportunity to heal & gain closure. Please be aware that unexpected individuals and beloved animal companions may come forward, expressing love, regret, or simply reaching out to say hello. If someone has passed recently, I recommend waiting some time before a Spirit Sitting. Cost: $60 CAD Each session is approximately 30 minutes.



Ever wonder where you should move or vacation to? Discover the places in the world that align with your soul, or if you should really move/vacation to a certain place in the world. Astrocartography (a.k.a Locational Astrology) is a branch of Astrology that can offer you answers of where the best and even the most intense energies align with your Natal Chart. Please note that this service requires you to know your DATE, TIME and LOCATION of birth. This service is offered in three tiers: E-Mail (Cost: $60) Ask me about 1-2 locations of your choosing (perhaps you were thinking of moving or going on vacation there). You can alternatively ask about 1-2 locations as a couple which require both your charts. Please note that there is always a chance that the locations may not reveal the answer you want to hear, but that's the reality of a reading. 1-Hour Session (Cost: $111) Choose this option if you are considering a region (such as the U.S or Canada). We will go over the Region in general and over a couple of specific places within said region depending on what information you are looking for. 2-Hour Session (Cost: $222) The World is your oyster! We will go over several regions of interest, and see where the best (and most intense) energy lines are. We will determine the best locations for you to live, vacation, find love, or go on a spiritual retreat to.

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Horary Astrology

Choose this service for specific questions; many people use this service for:

Lost/stolen items

Buying a vehicle or real estate

Careers, Business, Finance


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