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Sound Healing at upcoming Expos

The bustling sound of voices and footsteps, the bright lights, the big echoey rooms, and children simply being children.

These are all major fear factors and reasons why I hesitate to do Sound Healing at an Expo. I have decided I am going to conquer this fear and hesitation. I have discovered ways to make it work. For the purposes of sharing this amazing modality of healing with the world and making wellness and sound healing a more integral component of my business -

it’s happening.

It should be noted that I will never diagnose or claim to have a cure for any ailments. This is energy work, so I will describe what I see, hear and feel; I will work with spirit on behalf of you to give me information and clarity, and I will work to harmonize your bio-energy field.

(While we are here, do check out which upcoming expos I am attending on my Events Page).

This is how I will offer my services (these are not finalized, and are subject to modification):

Vibrational & Energy Healing with Biofield Assessment (30min):

I will use sound healing instruments to conduct a head-to-toe assessment of your bio-energy field and chakras. This will allow me to pinpoint areas of pain, pressure or discomfort as well as energetic imbalances. I will then proceed to use sound healing instruments and vibration to work on these energetic imbalances and affected areas, and smooth out your bio-energy field with the instruments.

Vibrational tune-up (15min):

You will tell me of specific areas of pain, discomfort or pressure. I will work on these areas with sound healing instruments for vibrational energy work. I will then smooth out your bio-energy field with the instruments.

Biofield Assessment with a Reading (15min):

I will use tarot/oracle cards to provide a wellness reading to give you insight in regards to health and well-being. I will also use this information to do a quick bio-energy field assessment and tune-up.

What about your Psychic Readings?

If you truly want to focus on a reading instead, I may provide that as an additional charge for an additional 15 minutes, but my goal for the upcoming expos is to focus on the sound healing and wellness component for my business.

Check out my Events Page for more information on expos I will be attending to provide these services!

Finally, if you are interested in gaining the benefits of Sound Healing on a more Personal level, check it out on My Services.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post!


Daniel Rocha

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