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Sound Healing as part of Guided Meditation: Preparing for the Session

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

In case you were wondering a little more about the Sound Healing aspect of my business, here it is!

I am a certified meditation practitioner, and an ongoing student of Sound Healing. As it stands, I am currently offering my sound healing service as a part of my guided meditation experience.

I have always wanted to help others heal - and I explored many avenues of it. Yet little did I know that I was not the healer. Ask any healer, for any modality of healing isn’t the realm of the person facilitating the process. It is the realm of spirit, and the realm of the person receiving it!

That’s right. As the recipient, you are the healer! The person doing the healing work is simply the channel, the one who facilitates the process, the one who brings the energies of spirit in to help you to achieve balance, harmony, and to encourage the flow of energy within you so that you may release blockages, so that your life force and essence may flow.

I ask many of my clients if they meditate, and not surprisingly most of them say ”No”. That’s okay! Not everybody has discovered it yet, but I truly believe that we all should find it in a way that works for us. This is how we connect with our inner selves, our deepest selves, in order to find answers and to achieve brain-heart coherence which gives our bodies permission to heal.

For this to work though, I first help guide you through a meditative process. It’s simply a way to entrain your body and mind to relax, to enter Alpha state and hopefully Theta state thereafter. It is in these states that we can relax entirely without going through the “shopping list“ of our minds. This doesn’t work with everybody though, so this is why multiple sessions are necessary and why I ”prescribe” meditation! It’s a discipline and takes time to master.

From there, I bring in the Sound Healing with various instruments and tools like singing bowls, and tuning forks. While you are in Alpha and Theta states, your mind achieves coherence with your heart, which achieves coherence with your very being! This primes your cells and organs to receive, and by receiving various frequencies, rhythms and binaural beats, the healing happens. You make the healing happen.

This is not woo-woo. This is science.

I see more and more evidence of science bridging with the metaphysical, and with the spiritual. If you have been on the fence to start meditation, I highly encourage you to find a way just to start! Find a creative means that works for you! Painting, running, sitting under a tree, taking a walk - and I challenge you to truly disconnect! Yes, don’t have your phone nearby, don’t take it out if you absolutely need it with you, and most importantly, don’t fill your mind with thoughts. Allow the sounds of silence and nature to fill you, to bring something incredible into your very soul.

Before booking this service, please read the contraindications and guidelines for sound healing found on my website. I also highly encourage you to read the “Before you Book” section of my website.

If you wish to experience this incredible journey with a little direction and guidance, are looking to connect with your inner self and start the healing process, or are simply curious, then I invite you to book a Guided Meditation & Sound Healing Journey with me.

Otherwise, I am glad I could shed some light on this truly unique and fascinating world with you. I will be sharing more!

Thank you so much for reading!



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