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Sound Healing Portfolio

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"Sound will be the medicine of the future"

-Edgar Cayce-

I provide sound therapy for my clients with specially curated 1-2-1 sessions. I also enjoy bringing groups and communities together with enriching sound baths & retreats.


This page shows how I am bringing this incredible modality of healing to the world, and the discoveries I am making with my research into the power of sound, frequency and vibration.

Click the PDF below for more information on Sound Healing and how it can help you on your life journey.

Healing Stones
Drumming 2
Sound bath setup 2
Sound bath setup
Sound Healing Room
My sound healing setup for a market
Setting up for a mini-sound bath for families at a local hospital
Froggy also enjoys Harmonium :)
Playing Harmonium
Sound Bath @ Yoga Yurt
Sound Bath @ Yoga Yurt
Sound Bath setup @ Yoga Yurt
Shamanic Drumming
Sound Bath for Staff @ Hospital for Sick Children
Preparing for Sound Bath @ Hospital for Sick Children
Sound Bath @ Holly Morris Holistic Wellness
Sound Healing with Children I
Business branding
Sound visualized in waves and particles
Sound Healing with Children II
Sound Healing Sanctuary I
Sound Healing with Children III
Sound visualized in Sacred Geometric pattern
Meditation Practitioner Certification
Sound Healing Academy Level I Certification

Curious about 1-2-1
Sound Healing Sessions?

You’ve likely attended a sound bath before, but how does sound healing work in a private session?



Even before your first session you will need read and sign a contraindications form as there are some who should not be receiving sound healing.
After that, you fill out a few forms pertaining to your situation, your feelings, and areas where you feel pain/discomfort. This information will be vital for our consultation so that I may track your progress, and use this knowledge to best understand and guide you to facilitate a self-healing process


Guided Meditation

After all the nitty gritty is out of the way, we then begin the process to bring your brainwave state, your nervous system, and your entire being into a deeper state of relaxation. This step is crucial, and if you are a complete beginner or have trouble entering into a meditative state, you need not worry! This is part of why you are here.

I also offer to open your Akashic Records so that I may receive additional intuitive information on how to best open your pathway to healing.


Sound Healing

This is the time where you are entrained into a deeper brainwave state, and where your body can have its most profound transformation.

Using various sound healing instruments, I assess your biofield, work on areas we discussed, and bring balance your chakras/energy field. This is also the part of the session where you can enter deep brainwave states, and where your organs and nervous system can truly relax so your body can focus on healing.


Grounding, Silence &

Towards the end of the session, I begin the grounding process - to help you regain a sense of self (You will feel “sound high” at this point). We then enter a moment of silence so that the sound and frequencies you received can integrate into your being. 

Once the session is complete, we get to hang out for a bit while I make follow-up notes, and provide you with guidance on next steps


Journey into the Realm of Sound Healing

Don't miss out on events & retreats!


stay tuned for retreats and other amazing events!

My inspired thought on the Universe of Sound:


In the beginning, there was the word.


Before the word, there was silence - the potential for sound.


Therefore, Sound is both the potential for creation, and the result of creation.

It is the precursor that potentiates the formation of patterns. It is also the echo that plants the seeds of future patterns.

These patterns are what create the natural world - from the quantum to the microcosm, to the macrocosm.

Sound therefore creates order and structure in a way that flows with the elements of nature. It can reorganize cells, affect our thought patterns, our memories, our emotions, our biorhythm, our energy bodies, and our physical bodies too.

Therefore, is it really so far fetched that it has the capacity to bring us to a state of “sound health” - to allow our bodies to heal on all levels of our being?

Sound Healing with Water

Work with the sounds of nature

Once upon a time, I was at the beach and meditated to the sound of the rolling waves. The feelings, sensations, and visuals I received were breathtaking. This moment inspired me to create a post and share some of my insights on how you can heal with the sounds of water.


By feeling the ebb and flow of its energy, and how it was able to “pull” away my thoughts and emotions; it allowed me to be mindful and live in the true presence of the moment. 


I invite you to discover ways in which water can help you be mindful, and how it can allow your body to heal.

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